How to Write a Marketing Proposal that Works

The Aim of Effective Marketing Proposal Writing

A winning marketing proposal writing comes with experience. So if the first plan will have no success, do not lose your heart and try again. Think of your company and services that it grants from the different angle – your company is unique and so recollect its priorities to make your proposal writing even more efficacious as it could be. The writing process is not a simple one, so carefully follow the steps and be sure to include all the vital components into the proposal.

What's Your Business Goal?
Goal Business Proposal
Start a new business Business Plan I need this
Get start-up funding Business Proposal I need this
Win the new market Sales Proposal I need this
Land a new client Sales Proposal I need this
Increase sales Marketing Proposal I need this
Retarget marketing strategy Marketing Proposal I need this

Structuring the Proposal Correctly

If you need to write a really brilliant marketing proposal, you will probably be required to think of its components. These are:

  • introduction;
  • proposal objectives;
  • analysis of the current marketing situation;
  • strategies of your company;
  • evaluations of the results;
  • summary.

To follow these structure your marketing proposal writing should be aimed at getting the high results, include much of analytics, probably even SWOT-analysis, and measurable steps your company is likely to initiate for succeeding in the chosen marketing field.

Key Stages in the Proposal Writing Process

In order to increase the chances of your company to sell its product (or grant other service to the customers), and consequently, get more profit, one needs to devote much time to writing a proposal. The steps of the process include:

  1. researching and planning – carrying out the audit of the micro- and macro-environment in your business area;
  2. developing the strategies to meet the requirements of environments – reporting and budgeting the new project, making key decisions in the company’s life, predicting impacts and results;
  3. determining actions – choosing directions for further activities, setting objectives and goals, finding tactics.

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